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Thank you everyone for your interest in my illustrations. I'm now working closely with DID Delighting Ideas and Independent Market turning my artworks into merchandise. We have tote bags, pouches, cushion covers, norens, files & folders, notebooks, planners, cards, art-prints, canvas prints and many more. To find out more, do checkout their sites for details and updates :)

感谢朋友们对阿果插画的支持。阿果与新加坡的本土品牌DID及Independent Market紧密合作,为新加坡文创品创造一缕小清新风格。我们携手开创了一系列以插画为主视觉的纸制品、布制品。详情可查询以下网址。


Another new site to purchase my books and merchandise online, please checkout:

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